Now With Nicole article on the abominable sin of Spousal Abuse. For more, contact us at

Promoting Godly Marriages by Avoiding Sins of Abomination Part I- Spousal Abuse

Have Your Hands Shed Innocent Blood? I have been hearing a lot of talk lately from those proclaiming Christianity about what is considered an abominable sin. Seemingly for many, abominable sins include only those in which they do not participate or those upon which the institutional has decided to focus. Little notice, or ministry, is…

Now With Nicole Radio- Josh Gordan Vs. Ray Rice

Things that Do Not Make Sense On tonight’s episode of “Now With Nicole”- Josh Gordon’s suspension for marijuana use versus Ray Rice’s 2-day suspension for domestic abuse; adults picking on children; careless, and committing fraud against your spouse or child. If video is not working, please tune- in at