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The Bare Minimum Estate Planning Documents: The Estate Planning Series

What Will Be Your Legacy? In honor of Family History Month, join Now With Nicole throughout October as we discuss leaving a positive legacy behind for your family. In this first installment, we address the basic estate planning documents you should have to help protect your family. Estate planning is for everyone- even single, unmarried persons without…

Now With Nicole Simulcast: Hobby Lobby, Women’s Rights, and Protecting the LGBT Community

Now With Nicole/Google Hangout Simulcast Uncovering Hobby Lobby, Women’s Rights, Protecting the LGBT Community, and More July 9, 2014 Join us for tonight’s episode of Now With Nicole (a.ka. “The Quip”) Podcast/Google Hangout Simulcast as we cover the Hobby Lobby ruling, laws affecting women and the LGBT community, and much more.

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Now With Nicole Radio- Co-Ed Restrooms, Jail for Over-paying Child Support, Robin Thicke’s Crying

Welcome to Now With Nicole Radio Air Date- July 2, 2014 On today’s episode of The Quip/Now With Nicole, we are talking Houston’s gender neutral bathroom law and it’s impact on children, going to jail for over-paying child support and seeing your child too much, and public displays of love gone wrong. Listen to the podcast…