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The Bare Minimum Estate Planning Documents: The Estate Planning Series

What Will Be Your Legacy? In honor of Family History Month, join Now With Nicole throughout October as we discuss leaving a positive legacy behind for your family. In this first installment, we address the basic estate planning documents you should have to help protect your family. Estate planning is for everyone- even single, unmarried persons without…

Now With Nicole Radio- Josh Gordan Vs. Ray Rice

Things that Do Not Make Sense On tonight’s episode of “Now With Nicole”- Josh Gordon’s suspension for marijuana use versus Ray Rice’s 2-day suspension for domestic abuse; adults picking on children; careless, and committing fraud against your spouse or child. If video is not working, please tune- in at

Money Matters and Marriage

As a former family law practitioner, I frequently encountered persons with issues not relating to the two most common areas of divorce and/or child support. Many times, I am called upon to offer advice, and/or direction, on how to obtain critical information that protects the family, and its individual members, in financial matters. The purpose…