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Celebrate Relationship Wellness with Now With Nicole's contests.

Relationship Wellness:

What Does It Mean to You?


In honor of promoting healthy relationships, we are running a 2-day contest seeking opinions about the meaning of relationship wellness. Leave a comment either through Facebook or the WordPress comments section, below, in order to have a chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card.

Now With Nicole’s Relationship Wellness Mini- Contest Rules

Within the next 48-hours, by 10:30 pm CST, Thursday, tell me what Relationship Wellness Means to you and you can win a $50 Visa gift card. This is a contest. Not a give-away. We will be voting on the entries. Additionally, you must be a subscriber on my blog and a Facebook Page Follower to collect the prize. If you are not currently a blog subscriber or Facebook follower, you can find my page at Now With Nicole Facebook Page and subscribe to my blog in the right side bar. The gift card will be mailed or available for pick-up Friday, February 13. Must reside within the United States of America. Offer not extended to territories or islands outside of Hawaii.

Check back on Friday for the reveal of the “Greatest Love Story” Contest and to find out how you could win a $200 Southwest Airlines gift card.

2 thoughts on “Relationship Wellness Mini-Contest by @NowWithNicole

  1. Relationship wellness means that you take care to be honest and self-assessing when dealing with issues within it. You don’t assume anything, but make efforts to listen to your partner and apply critical thinking to their words, actions and needs. You work to be comfortable with boundaries and to continue to grow as an individual and encourage your partner to do the same. You work to recognize and support each others strengths and weaknesses. You work at defining commitment and consistency for your relationship, no matter what people outside of it may think. Spiritual appreciation and an understanding that everyone should grow in every area of their lives is a must.

  2. For me "relationship" wellness my husband and I building positive interaction with one another. With us having a blended family, we have to practice building healthy relationships for our kids sake. I would like to say that developing a close friendship, loving bond and fulfilling our intimate relationship is relationship wellness.

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