10 People, Groups, and Things I Don’t Support Just Because They Are Black

Everything From Us Isn’t For Us

1.) Women. Just because you are a Black woman, it does not mean I will give you unfettered support when you have shown yourself to not be concerned with any cause that matters to me.

2.) Men. See number one.

3.) Self-Identifying Christians. “Everyone who says Lord, Lord does not know Me.” I am not moved by a Black person pulling the G-card. I’m persuaded by actions.

4.) Bigots. I do not condone the blind hate of any group of persons- period. I also do not stand with Black people who stand with closet racists. I will not make excuses for you because you are my “friend.”

5.) Entertainers. I am not amused by all types of entertainment, and I will not participate in it just to “show love” to another Black person. I am not down for everybody. For instance, I refuse to any longer spend my money on a certain Black actor who insists upon throwing his ex-wife, and mother of his children, under the bus for his choices. Any movie that he is in will not ever get one more dime from me unless he issues a public apology like he dished out public shade.

6.) Abusers. Please do not believe for one second that I will support an unrepentant Black person who is suffering the results of his or her sin of spiritual, sexual, emotional, mental, physical, and/or financial abuse.

7.) Abuse Enablers. Along with unrepentant abusers, their enables are just as bad, and often worse. They know the behavior is wrong, but they co-sign it anyway for their own selfish reasons. I will not ever support you.

8.) Social Movements. Your cause has to resonate with me on a spiritual level. If your revolution includes discrimination based upon gender, socio-economics, or sexual preferences- no thanks. Show me where God is in your agenda, and we can talk. I am not doing anything simply because you say that I should.

9.) Politicians. I do not support people with opinions such as Clarence Thomas. Without the person having a change in philosophy, or God leading me to change mine, I never will. Just because you are Black, it does not make you beneficial.

10.) Business Opportunities. No one makes me but God and me. I will not submit to any business connection simply because we are Black. If I am not vibing with you on a visceral level, I am not dealing with you.


Something that I will always support is a legal, small Black business. If you have one, please let me know so that I can share and check out your services.

In 2018, let’s leave behind in 2017 the desire to encourage people against using critical thinking processes when they choose not to support people, groups, or things that have not proven to be in their best interests. Christ and my ancestors died for my freedom. I will not be bound by ignorant ideologies.

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Nicole Huffman, Attorney at Law

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