My Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Candidates- Part II by @NowWithNicole

A Now With Nicole Review of 10 of the Democratic Presidential Candidates for 2016. To connect with us further regarding issues of faith and politics, visit us on-line at or Twitter at NowWithNicole.

Unedited Notes Regarding the 2016 Presidential Candidates

In part one of this series, “My Thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Candidates- Part I,” I discussed my brand new process for participating in the American political system while reviewing 15 of the Republican candidates for President. Up until this point, most of my participation has included straight-ticket voting- a huge problem- or not doing enough research to make an informed decision on every candidate in national, state, county, and local elections. As previously stated on my blog and social media accounts, I have decided that I have to do a better job in exercising my right to intelligently vote while continuing to not sin against God and violate my conscience while doing so.

As a lobbyist, I have been blessed to be placed in a position to be quite active in the political process. I have been afforded the opportunity to have my voice heard through writing legislation and speaking directly with congresspersons to influence change in Texas for close to two decades. My history with the voting side of the equation, however, is not where I want it to be. Thus, I have decided to do this new thing. Instead of voting for people I do not know in a straight-party ticket, or not voting in all of the national, state, county, and city races because I did not research the candidates enough to gain the knowledge necessary to make an intelligent decision, for the first time I am doing my homework before primary season even begins. The following are my notes on 10 of the Democratic nominees. As was the case with part one in this series, these are my personal, unedited notes. I hope it encourages you to engage in this process in a proactively mindful way as your spirit moves you.

My Review of 10 of the 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidates 

Howell Astor- Happily married. College-aged daughter. Website does not disclose residence, occupation, or education? Why not? Need to see if he has refused to disclose when directly asked. Traditionally Independent. Passionate about job creation. Interesting suggestions to incentivize small businesses to hire persons collecting unemployment or welfare benefits. Wants companies shipping jobs overseas to be taxed. He is not a career politician and believes this is what qualifies him for the position. 

Morrison Bonpasse- I really admire his stand on helping the wrongfully convicted. Wants to reduce imprisonment. He believes that prison should be reserved only for those who commit violent crimes. He wants to eliminate mandatory prison sentences. On the flip side, he wants the U.S. to support worldwide measures to have the birthrate lowered to be equal with the death rate. :-/ on top of supporting abortion rights. Thus, though he has not stated if he thinks there should be limitations, the fact that he supports a cap on births tends to make me believe he does not believe there should be any limits. So, he’s a NO.

Jeff Boss- He believes he is being watched by the NSA for being a “Truther.” He thinks that U.S. caused 9/11. He’s either paranoid, and I have to question his mental state, or right, and I have to question whether he would make it far if the government is trying to kill him. He’s a no.

Harry Braun- His ideas are out there, but I like most of them. Love the “Democracy Amendment (DA)” to the Constitution. He believes that the US has never operated as a democracy. He says we are an oligarchy. With this in mind, the DA will call for the citizens to have absolute veto power over Congress and executive orders passed by the President. He does not believe that anchor babies should be granted automatic citizenship. This guy is never going to win. 

Andy Caffrey- He is an advocate for prison sentencing reform and may have been helpful in having President Obama address the unfair sentencing for marijuana.  He wants to shut down nuclear power plants and have the climate problem declared a national security threat. He also has been successful in garnering world-wide attention for his fight against GMOs. 

Willie Carter- He’s an active member in the COGIC church. He’s been running for president since 1988. Married with nine kids. He’s an armed services vet. He said the Lord told him to run and he’s looking forward to prosperity being restored and our economy rebounding. I do not have enough information. On the watch list for more information. 

Lincoln Chafee- He seems all over the place. One day he’s a Republican, then he’s an Independent, and then he is a Democrat. Pick one! It makes it look like he’s just trying to get in where he fits in. Pass.

Hillary Clinton- The epitome of “She looks good on paper.” Her political resume- not voting history- is superb. She sided with President Obama on religious employers being required to cover their employees birth control. This is in conflict with the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that her HUSBAND signed. Additionally, she is not pro-choice, she is pro-abortion. She even blasted Congress on Twitter for a bill to ban late-term abortion. I. CANNOT. WITH. HILLARY. I only need to read further to find out what our country may turn into if she becomes President.

Lloyd Kelso- He’s interesting. He grew up poor. Knows what it is like to work your way out of poverty. His fiscal views are a mixture of liberal and conservative. That shows balance. Speaking of balance, he wants a balanced budget. He ALSO wants the Health Care Act repealed. That’s a problem. What does he want in its place? I need more information about that.

Martin O’Malley- His initial information is impressive. As Governor of Maryland, the public schools saw a number one national ranking. That’s fantastic. The state also has a number one ranking for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

End of notes.

A key to my notes:

Bold- Will definitely do more research.

Italics- Need to do more preliminary research before I can bold them.

“No” or not bolded- Will not do any more research unless something changes.

I will continue to make my way through the candidates and post my notes as I go. I would love to get your respectful feedback. Additionally, if you would like to know how I balance my faith and my politics, you may find out more at “Cultural, Congregational, and Convictional Christians: Faith or Politics” and “Follower of Christ, Black, Mom, Business Owner- Why I Changed My Mind About Voting.” To connect with me further, you can follow me on Twitter at @NowWithNicole.

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