Beyonce and The Last Supper

“The Business Brilliance of Beyonce” Retraction

A couple of weeks ago, I published an article giving my professional opinion about Beyonce Knowles-Carter’s Business acumen as well as my personal view on her music.  After seeing the disrespect that has been shown by Beyonce to the families of those who lost loved ones in the Challenger explosion and to practicing Christians, I cannot in anyway laud anything she does as- not even on a professional level.  As far as I am concerned, praising her for her business prowess is akin to praising the enemy for his work.  That is something I will not do, because it is clear to me that Beyonce is being led by someone and that someone is in conflict with my spiritual beliefs.  I refuse to give the enemy esteem for anything.

It’s Not That Serious…

Is this harsh?  Am I being judgmental?  Regardless of what the world thinks, there is only One to whom I will be held accountable.  Thus, I am publicly repenting of my poor previous poor choice to applaud her business move and retracting the story.

I am sure there are some who will say the following:

1.)   It is not a real picture of “The Last Supper.”  No one even knows what Jesus looks like. 

Irrelevant.  A real picture or not, Beyonce claims to be a Christian.  As such, she is likely familiar with what it represents.  One does not have to be a worshipper of an image- the Last Supper Portrait- in order to see the classless inappropriateness of Beyonce’s behavior.

2.)   This is a media ploy to stir up publicity.

I am unconcerned with what worldly reason Beyonce has decided to be so disgustingly distasteful.  My concern is strictly for the body of Christ and those who idolize her like she is the next coming of Him.  Open your eyes.

Retraction of Business Brilliance of Beyonce Video

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3.)  Beyonce can’t be that bad.

What about the Walmart gift cards and ticket giveaway to her dying fan and her charitable contributions?  Only a person with a good heart would do that, right?  Wrong.  A person who is thirsty for publicity and to stay relevant would behave in the same manner.

4.)  It’s not that serious.

Sorry.  It is that serious.  I wonder if she would have posed in front of a picture of Mohammed or Buddha in the same disrespectful manner.  Probably not as it has become the norm for people to think they can mock Christianity with no repercussions.

What Others Are Saying Around the Net

“Regardless of your beliefs it’s disrespectful to all Christians and to the families of the Challenger tragedy. Seriously!?… I use to like Beyonce, but so over her. She’s not what she thinks she is. Her and Jay can worship the devil all they want to, and they will pay for it. But, be respectful to everyone else.”  Daily Mail Story

“She makes me sad 🙁 She is 30 year old women with kid and husband and she is acting so stupid and trashy 🙁 She was nice before (i never was a big fan) but now she is so selfish (probably was before too) and will do anything for the money and publicity and she dont get how stupid she looks doing all this things :(” Original Comment Link

“Between this and that trashy new record she put out it seems like “flawless” way to destroy her career.”  Original Comment Link

“Regardless of your beliefs it’s disrespectful to all Christians and to the families of the Challenger tragedy.  Original Comment Link

“Even if it is a painting, it’s still obnoxious for her to do something like that. She must think that she can get by with all that junk, because people have worshipped her to the point that she thinks she can do no wrong.  Original Comment Link




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