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Butt Cheeks, Break Babies, and Boot Leg Preachers: From Slut-Shaming to Private Jets for Ministry

5 Moments When We Should Re-Think Life… Houston, we have a problem. The hypocrisy is real and running rampant across the Internet. I am not sure if there was something in the water this week, but the following are five things that have happened since Monday that make me believe there just may be. Further, in honor…

Now With Nicole Simulcast: Hobby Lobby, Women’s Rights, and Protecting the LGBT Community

Now With Nicole/Google Hangout Simulcast Uncovering Hobby Lobby, Women’s Rights, Protecting the LGBT Community, and More July 9, 2014 Join us for tonight’s episode of Now With Nicole (a.ka. “The Quip”) Podcast/Google Hangout Simulcast as we cover the Hobby Lobby ruling, laws affecting women and the LGBT community, and much more.