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Butt Cheeks, Break Babies, and Boot Leg Preachers: From Slut-Shaming to Private Jets for Ministry

5 Moments When We Should Re-Think Life… Houston, we have a problem. The hypocrisy is real and running rampant across the Internet. I am not sure if there was something in the water this week, but the following are five things that have happened since Monday that make me believe there just may be. Further, in honor…

When Married Women Dump Their Single Girlfriends

When a woman gets married, one of the issues she is faced with is how close she should remain to her single friends. This may become a serious dilemma because married couples, her mom, her pastor, her dog, all say that it is improper to maintain close relationships with women who are not in the “club.” Before you decide to give your single girlfriends their pink slips, the following are four things you should consider prior to dismissing thing.