You Are Not a Christian if You Do Not Fully Support Phil Robertson

I recently produced a YouTube video called “Duck Dynasty, Fantasy Football, Christianity, and the Culture of Ignorance” in response to a Facebook request I received regarding my thoughts on another YouTube video that was defending Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson against claims of racism and “homophobia.”  I was not expecting that one video to result in a 3-part vlog series and this blog post.  After receiving backlash from fellow Christians- one going so far as to unsubscribe from my YouTube channel- regarding my nonchalant attitude about this manufactured controversy, I decided to share the following:

1.)   We do not have to agree.

We are called to love one another, not co-sign everything another believer does.  If I choose not to jump on the “Support Phil Bandwagon,” that is my choice.  I am neither pro-Phil Robertson nor Anti-Phil Robertson.  The bigger issue for me is how Christians are acting towards each other and those who are not in the body in general as well as over what I believe is essentially a media ploy.  More on that later.

 2.)   There is no such thing as freedom of speech.

This is a common misconception that needs to stop.  The First Amendment does not give a person unfettered rights to say whatever they want to say with no consequences.  First, the amendment itself is probably more limiting than people may realize.  Second, there are other amendments in the Constitution that limit freedom of speech.  Third, the First Amendment does not prevent a private employer from restraining your speech or firing you.  Phil Robertson decided to subject himself to the whims of A&E and the media at large when he made the choice to appear on reality television.  He made a choice.  He did not have to participate on Reality TV if he did not want to.  He did not have to do a GQ interview if he did not want to.  As his employer, A&E- a private company- had every right to suspend him if they felt it was in the company’s best interest.

 3.)   Entertainment Trumps Societal Laws.

 It speaks a great deal about where we are as a body of believers when people care more about Hollywood’s agenda than the political agenda of elected officials.  How can one be so angry about Phil Robertson and claim it is because “Hollywood is trying to force homosexuality on us and silence Phil,” yet some of these same people voted for politicians- multiple times- who support the very thing they claim to be against- advancing the “homosexual agenda?”  Is fighting a “Hollywood agenda” more important than personally avoiding putting persons whose ideas we do not support into an office that gives them the power to make laws that will affect us and our children for generations to come?  It certainly appears that way.

Phil Robertson, Barak Obama, and the Double Minded Christian

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4.)   Causes Are More Important Than Christ.

 I have seen believers spend more time on fighting a cause than they ever have in trying to show people the way to Christ.  There are many of us who are so caught up in the anti movements, that we forget to move people towards Christ.

5.)   A&E Is Winning.

The winner in this whole event is A&E.  They caused this big, public spectacle, only to get Christians to run out and purchase as many products as possible or to tell more people about the show.  The result- more attention for Duck Dynasty and more money in A&E’s pockets.  They won.

Watch “Duck Dynasty, Scandal, Pop Stars, and Christianity,” now.

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