Cosby May Have Done It, But It Was Still a Set-Up

The War Against Positive Black Television Programs

After learning about NBC dropping Bill Cosby’s “classic family” show during development, I am starting to believe that Phylicia Rashad was right about there being an agenda against him. Considering the television shows that currently represent black culture and families, there seems to be a purposeful mission to portray Black America as negatively as possible. If Cosby’s new show was any reflection of what was portrayed on the original Cosby Show, it is not surprising that Hollywood would sabotage his efforts. It only appears to be interested in negative Black images. The current scripted and reality shows with majority Black casts and/or Black lead characters tell that story.

After the allegations of Cosby committing sex crimes resurfaced, NBC wasted little time severing ties and dropping this “classic family” show. The problem is, even if Mr. Cosby committed the crimes, it does not mean that someone did not mastermind the timing so that his new work would not see daylight. The stories have been around for over two decades. Social media may have made them more prevalent, but how likely is it that NBC had not heard these claims? Furthermore, if he committed the crimes, he was not convicted. If he had been convicted, he should still be able to work because prisoners and ex-prisoners are allowed to work. Yet, Cosby is a free man and he is having his work taken away from him. While I believe that there is some truth behind the allegations and everyone involved deserved their day in court, I also believe that people creating positive Black images on television are needed. Entertainment plays such a big role in shaping the perception of groups of people that it is disappointing the public will not have the opportunity to witness what was intended to be a positive Black family show.

For more on the representation of Black America on television, “Sorority Sisters, Scandal, and Black Women on TV.”


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