Entrepreneurs Should Worry About Themselves

Worry About Yourself!

These were the words spoken in a viral YouTube video by a determined 2-year-old to her father who offered his help in buckling her car seat.  “Who’s the parent and who’s the child?” questions aside, the determined tot has discovered something that many adult entrepreneurs are yet to realize- you need to worry about yourself.  As business owners, especially when we are new to the entrepreneur world, it is easy to be taken away with comparing ourselves to other people.  Sure, we may kid ourselves and say that we are only doing “research” to check out the competition, but, if we are not careful, instead of seeking out information on what other entrepreneurs in the industry are doing, we start longing to be exactly like them.  When this happens, we are at risk of tailoring our businesses in a way that is not best for us.

Stay in Your Entrepreneur Lane

One of my favorite sayings is, “Stay in your lane.”  When we step outside who we are and stop focusing on our entrepreneur goals in order to obsess over another entrepreneur’s goals, we have just moved outside our lane.  Just as if you were driving a car, when you illegally veer into another person’s lane, there is a chance for a crash and casualties.  In the instance of your business, the casualty will most likely be your entrepreneur goals. Thus, it is important that instead of concerning yourself with the activities of people who you perceive to be more successful than you, worry about yourself.  There is more than enough harvest to go around for the entrepreneur who is willing to sow work into her respective field.

The Entrepreneur Who Builds Alone

Making false, unnecessary comparisons is not the only way that an entrepreneur loses sight of his purpose for being in business.  Another area where this may be observed is when we find ourselves grudgingly building our company alone.  During this time of unwanted solitude, an entrepreneur may begin pining for help that was promised but not delivered or doubting her ability to use the gifts she already possesses.  It is easy to fall into disappointment, disillusionment, and/or despair when you are a new entrepreneur and you feel alone and as if you need more assistance than you are receiving.  It is at times like these that you should stop, take a breath, and pull yourself together.  It is time for you to worry about yourself.  Take care of your own business.  Do not put your success in the hands of another person’s whims.  Take charge of what you will do with your entrepreneur gifts and get to work. The world is waiting on you.

Worry About Yourself Video

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