Fabulous Fashions for the Frugal Shopper by @NowWithNicole

The Now With Nicole 2015 Summer Debt Reduction Challenge:

Looking Great Without Breaking the Bank

Looking great without breaking the bank. The Now With Nicole Summer Debt Reduction Challenge.

Purple dress with belt and pockets- $13.54. Worn to a 50th birthday celebration June 6, 2015.


If you are a fashion lover like me, yet you also set boundaries so that you can meet other important financial goals, here are some tips that can help you strike a balance between your fashionista and frugal sides.

1.) Shop Resale or Consignment Shops.

In the Houston area there are tons of resale shops from which to choose. Whether you are looking for high-end or causal garments; shoes; purses, or men’s couture, there is a store for you. Some of the local resale boutiques you may find:

Style Encore- The Woodlands

Act II- Resale- Stella Link/Braeswood area

Charity Guild Resale- Montrose area

Men’s Resale by the Village- Rice Village area

A Lot of Panache- Clear Lake

If you shop on sale days, you will get an even bigger discount, so call ahead to ask about that day’s specials. These speciality stores do not sell only pre-owned items, you can also find brand new pieces up for grabs. They are especially great options for women- such as me- who like designer purses, but do not like them enough to always pay retail prices. If you want an authentic purse and you are not concerned with having the latest, trendiest purse or if you prefer classic or vintage styles in general, consignment shops are a great place to find a nice bargain on handbags.

2.) Sell Your Clothes and Accessories.

In addition to shopping at consignment stores, you may sell your gently used- or never worn- items and receive store credit or cash. At some locations, such as Buffalo Exchange, they will give you 50% of price that they intend to sell item if you request store credit or 30% if you want cash.

3.) Go Thrifting.

Depending upon the item, your local thrift store may have exactly what you need. Does your child grow out of clothes every two days? Are you looking for something that’s nice, but if you waste wine on it, you won’t be too mad? Maybe you like thrifting for the sheer sport of it. If any of these sounds like you, the Family Thrift Center may be right up your alley.

There are several other ways that you can save big while still filling your closet. I will be sharing more of these options throughout the challenge. For those in the Houston area, we are planning a shopping trip for later this summer. If you are interested in this trip as well as following Now With Nicole’s 2015 Summer Debt Reduction Challenge, please contact us via e-mail or social media.

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