A Father’s Day Love Story

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

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A few weeks ago, my son celebrated his “graduation” to the next grade level. As usual, a lot of pictures were taken at the event. The featured photo is one of my son, his father (my ex-husband), and me. The back story to this image is extremely powerful for several reasons. You never know what is behind a smile.

I never would have thought to take a picture with my son’s father. Cards on the table- I am not too fond of him. Recent events have lead to me preferring to not having much- if any- contact. Nevertheless, when you have children, everything is not about you. Even when you don’t have children, everything is not about you. Therefore, you should always behave in a loving manner and maintain peace so far as it is up to you. Your issues should not become your child’s issues, because he (or she) had no say in the matter. God has really made a point in making sure that I understand this point, and He showed me the power and depth of selflessness the day this picture was captured. In this moment, He used the love of a man to show me only a glimpse of how mighty His love for me truly is.

I had the privilege to experience selfless love first-hand because of my husband- the person who took the picture. When I asked him to take a picture after the graduation, I assumed that he was going to take a picture of just my son and I and then we would do a family selfie like we usually do for important celebrations. Instead, he shocked me when he told my son’s father to get into the picture so that he could take a picture of the three of us. This was a gesture that he made because of his love for my son and me.

Not many people could allow love, peace, and the needs of others to overtake their ego’s desire to be unnecessarily. Many- not all- of the men I know would say that he was crazy, because they are big on “marking your territory.” My husband, however, proves daily the error in this thinking. He has shown on many occasions that taking the higher road, the road less traveled, is the better way. It is one of the many reasons why I love him and our home is one of contentment. He loves us enough to do those things which sometimes must be done for the greater good. I am completely grateful for my son to have the opportunity to learn from a man of such great character.

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Thank you and Happy Father’s Day!

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