The Frugal Feminista on Living the Juicy Financial Life

“Financial DreamGirls” and Living Juicy Without Going into Debt

Now With Nicole: I see on your site where you talk about “DreamGirls.” What is your definition of a “Financial DreamGirl?”

Kara: A “Financial DreamGirl” is a woman who has her basic financial foundation really solid. She has an emergency fund that’s between 6-12 months of her monthly expense. She has little to no credit card debt. She monitors her credit to make sure that it is at least a 740 or as at least striving to improve her credit. Fundamentally, she has a money mindset where she understands the power of money, understands the power of growing it and the power of spending it on things that really bring her fulfillment and align with her values. I think part of being a “Financial DreamGirl” is also someone who has zero, or little debt. She is in the position to give of her talents not only for free, but also being mindful of whom she spends her time with because time is also kind of like money. I think over all she has financial self-confidence. She is also growing her money through investments and has started saving for retirement.

 Now With Nicole: How Can You Live a Juicy Financial Life without going into debt?

Kara: I think a juicy life is not necessarily synonymous with spending, but let’s say that it is with living a luxurious lifestyle. I think Juicy Living would then have to be paid for in cash. This means having patience to partake in the juiciness. It’s not instant gratification, it’s actually little by little working up to the goal and then enjoying it guilt free if it has a hefty price tag. On the other hand, juicy living can be about really mindful about what’s really important to you so that you can be very merciless in eliminating things that are not as important to you. So, you don’t really have to find more money to do things, you would have already acquired the money because you have eliminated things that were not that important to you. For example, if you like to travel, but you don’t need a big home, you don’t need an expensive car, you may buy a used or live in a smaller place because the cost of those are more conducive to a nomadic, free range travel lifestyle. So, I think those two things of juicy living and not going into debt can be juxtaposed.

Now With Nicole: What are some of your do’s and don’ts for living the juicy life?

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