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No Sister Left Behind

Hidden Figures, a movie based on the book by Margot Shetterly is now playing in theaters near you. To read a brief review of the movie, visit NowWithNicole.com.

Hidden Figures is the story of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Christine Darden*,four brave, “hidden,” African American women who changed history. The book written by Margot Lee Shetterly, The Hollywood adaptation may now be showing in a theatre near you. Set for nationwide release on January 6, 2017, if you reside in locations such as Houston, Texas, you have the opportunity to view the movie starting on Christmas Eve. Thanks to Erika Jefferson of Black Women in Science and Engineering and  Gofobo, the Houston African American Bloggers were given the honor to get a sneak preview of the movie.

From the writing, to the casting, to the excellent acting, this was one of the best movies that I have ever seen. It has too much depth to even attempt to cover every point I would like to in one review. Besides, these magnificent history makers deserve more than one story. Thus, this piece will focus on an extraordinarily powerful scene that epitomizes a “No Sister Left Behind” attitude.

“Dorothy Vaughan is the genesis of Black Girls Code,” Octavia Spencer, Essence Magazine 

One of the most powerful scenes in the movie was when Vaughan, NASA’s first Black supervisor, was given the opportunity for a temporary job advancement. It would have been easy for her to simply jump at the chance without a second thought of her colleagues- the Black computers. Instead, Dorothy let it be known that she would not go unless all 20 of the other Black computers could come with her. We can all learn a lesson from her choice.

There is enough room for all of us to be successful and prosper, and there is strength in numbers. When we decide to connect and help bring each other to a higher position- be it career, social, or some other area- we are doing a service for the entire community. That is one of the greatest lessons that I have learned being a member of the Houston African American Bloggers. We all win when we have the mindset of looking out for others as well as ourselves. We want to rise together.

How about you? Are you a Dorothy?

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*Christine Darden’s story is not featured in the movie. In order to learn more about her contribution, you may purchase the book.

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