Men’s Health Awareness Month: When You Don’t Take Care of Yourself

Your Choices, Others’ Pain

November is Diabetes Awareness Month, Impotency Awareness Month, and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. During this time, I will be bringing awareness to these important men’s health issues from a physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, relational, and financial point-of-view. Having personally dealt with the consequences of poor health decisions- or non-decisions- by a Type-2 diabetic, I have encountered many spouses/partners who share quite similar stories about the far-reaching ramifications of their partner’s poor health choices on the entire family. It is because of these reasons I am shedding more light on the totality of the consequences when men choose not take care of themselves. This discussion is not designed to bash men, and it is also not necessarily advocating getting on meds without doing the research or attempting to address the issue without introducing substances into your body. Rather, my purpose is to bring awareness and physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and relational healing wherever possible.

From a physical perspective, Type-2 Diabetes has been found to play a part in both erectile dysfunction/impotency and pancreatic cancer. This is an insidious disease that can hurt many of the major functions in your body if left untreated. During this month, I will be highlight some of the major areas impacted by the disease, such as your heart, kidneys, eyes, feet, nerves, and gums.

From a spiritual, mental, and emotional point, living with this illness has been known to cause depression and there is also a link between Type-2 Diabetes and early onset dementia. We will be touching more on this topics throughout November’s discussion.

Financially, it can become expensive to take care of diabetic medicine and supplies- if you get to this point. Furthermore, you could place your family in a financial situation where they lose your income due to your illness taking away your ability to walk, see, or do other functions required for most jobs.

Relationally, you can find your partner growing so weary she or he decides to leave. It’s really simple. You cannot expect loyalty from someone when you do not give the same loyalty (to yourself or your significant other) of not potentially placing her or him in a worse physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, or financial position due to your repeatedly intentional choices.

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Image from Squareface.