Texas Family Law Tip: Leave Your Feelings at The Door Before “I Do”

One of the things I have discovered as a family lawyer is that the age-old adage that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is especially true when it comes to finding yourself in family court. Often times people- self included- will get into relationships because of how they make them feel. If they are Christians, for example, they do not take the time to seek God’s voice on the matter. They simply move as the will, because they want what they want. People talk about acting on faith in relationships a great deal, but the thing about faith is that it requires discernment. Discernment is anything but emotional. As a matter of fact, discernment requires that we leave our feelings at the door and take a deep look at a situation before we proceed. Thus, my family law court prevention tip of the day is to have your eyes wide open, do not be ruled by your emotions, and use your wisdom to guide you in how far you want the relationship to progress. If you would like to connect with me further, please follow me on Instagram at NowWithNicole.