You Are More Than Enough: A Worthy Project Ministry PSA

My favorite little person and me. 2015

Lately, I have had to remind myself of this on a daily basis. Have you ever found yourself in a position where you felt like David to another person’s Goliath. You lamented that you were not connected enough; you were not educated enough; you were not talented enough? I am raising my hand behind my computer. As I stood facing one of the biggest challenges I have had in my time on earth, I had a severe wave of anxiety. Well, that’s putting it mildly. I was terrified. I was paralyzed by fear and self-doubt. Then, I remembered…

Let God be found true and every man a liar. Romans 3:4

God is the Author and Finisher whose word trumps all! My emotions are not the final authority. My colleagues are not the final authority. My family, friends, frenemies, and associates are not the final authority. A business organization is not the final authority. God has the first, middle, and final say on who we are and what we can accomplish. No, you may not have be as qualified on paper as another person, but what does God have to say about that?

In the moments when you feel your confidence waning, or like you have no more fight inside of you, pick up a little rock- like David- and watch your Goliath come tumbling down. When I finally stopped looking at the monster in front of me, and turned my eyes to the mountaintop, I saw the army that was there to guide and protect me. Remember, you are not alone. Moreover, as I have said before, “You are not a grasshopper, and they are not giants.” You are more than enough.

Do you have your own “David and Goliath” story you would like to share?

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