Your Child Is Not Your God: My Come to Jesus Moment

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“You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me”

As mothers- wives, daughters and friends, too- it is often easy for us to put the needs of others before our own. What happens, however, when what you believe to be your role in meeting a person’s perceived needs comes into conflict with God’s direction for your life? Lately, I have found myself making a number of decisions that were offensive to my spirit, however, as a mother, I felt I owed my son certain things and experiences. Over the past year for instance, I even have found myself in settings to which the Lord did not send me. In truth, He specifically told me to not entangle myself in these broad places. Nevertheless, I neglected His directive in order to follow my community’s standard which urged me to pursue another path. This road did not have God as the focal point. In this world, children are the center, and everything revolved around their “needs and wants”.

While my husband and I talked over breakfast, the Holy Spirit commenced to hitting me with a barrage of one-two punches about some of my recent decisions. The main question that stood out during this one-sided fight was, “Why are you focusing on connecting him [ my son ] with people and things that look like him on the outside, but they look nothing like him on the inside?” As I sat there taking this spiritual beat down, I had a “Come to Jesus” moment and left with this profound message:

“Your child is not your god; I AM.”

It was in this instance that I remembered what a mighty, awesome, and jealous God I serve. He will have no other gods before Him. He will block and/or remove anything or any person you try to place before Him. He will shut doors in your face. When you believe that you are being tried because you are experiencing the falling away of people or things, it may be God loosing that which He does not have for you. It also may be Him cutting away His competition. When we think about gods, it is easy to think about little wooden idols, but what about the other things- or people- we put before Him? For moms, what about our children? Are they any less “gods” because they aren’t man-made statues?

In our (my) constant zeal for “Mom of the Universe” award, we should take a break and ask ourselves, “What am I undertaking that moves God from the center and replaces Him with my child? What do I need to release or re-prioritize in order to put God back in His rightful place in my life?”

photo credit: Light and Salvation via photopin (license)

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