Your Family Is Not Your Business Tribe, and That’s a Good Thing

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I recently finished my most successful- in quality and quantity- Money Fit Kids Camp in our three-year existence. My numbers tripled from last year’s. Additionally, for the first time, I split the speaking camp into its own option, and I had the pleasure of teaching three awesome 8-12 year olds in our semi-inaugural year. This year’s camps have taught me some valuable lessons about myself and business.

1.) Stay in Your Lane

This is one of my favorite sayings. I have also been hearing it a lot with the conversation surrounding Ayesha Curry and why she should “stay in her lane” so that her husband does not suffer any professional consequences from her actions. That will be an entire post in itself after the finals. Going back to my camps, I not only learned a few things from the kids in my Money Fit Kids camp about game app development, I also confirmed that not every one is my audience. I know that I work much better with a certain age group, and I need to stick to that age group for the betterment of everyone involved. When I step outside my age lane, I do not enjoy what I do as much as when I am where I am supposed to be. When I do not enjoy what I am doing, it will show in the product. In order to protect my brand and expand my business, I need to stick with what works.

2.) Your Family Is Not Your Business Tribe…and That’s Okay

I have had the pleasure of working with a fellow entrepreneur, Ms. Vernetta R. Freeney, who often talks to business owners about not being offended when their family does not financially or emotionally support their business. It is okay if your family is not your customer. Besides, from my experience, that cliche about family (and friends) and business not mixing is accurate. It is okay for me to be okay with them not being apart of my money tribe.

3.) Quitters Win

“Quitting is not an option” is only true if you “quit” before you start. Quitting is acceptable. It is not trying that’s the problem. Walking away from a bad business situation is not being a quitter, it’s being smart.

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